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#21 vintage birthday cards

These I could not resist!
I bought this set of nine “Mia” Age Birthday Cards from Etsy.
I am unsure of their age . . . 1940s, 50s or 60s?

My favourite?
Maid Marion & Robin Hood in Number Eight.

Can you find them?
Objects are hidden in cards Number Four to Number Nine!
(Hint : turn them upside down)

20130205-205318.jpgONE today!

20130205-205625.jpgTWO today!

20130205-205828.jpgTHREE today!

20130205-205928.jpgCan you find FOUR missing kitten mittens? Two red. Two blue.

20130205-210356.jpgCan you find the other four Elves to make FIVE?

20130205-210624.jpgSIX today! Can you find Jane and John’s missing two fish?

20130205-211107.jpgSEVEN today! Can you find Big Feather’s tomahawk?

20130205-212211.jpgEIGHT today! With a little luck you’ll find the merry outlaw Friar Tuck?

20130205-212112.jpgNINE today! It’s hidden in the picture – it’s a Penguin’s favourite dish! It’s FISH!


2 comments on “#21 vintage birthday cards

  1. harryipants
    March 7, 2013

    Coolest cards EVER!
    And I so want that little yellow clock

    • msiskirt
      March 11, 2013

      The little yellow clock will be here again soon in the YELLOW post!

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