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#11 tea cups

Once upon a time there was a young girl who spent long stretches of time in her local White Elephant Store (aka Thrift Store, Vinnies, Op Shop). She was 10 yrs old when she starting going and often spotted her spinster Aunt Rose in there too.
A two storey haven of all things used – furniture, books & bric-a-brac.
She remembers the creaky wooden floorboards on the top floor near the crockery and the endless shelves of books.

Her first collection? Pretty china saucers.
And then cup & saucer sets, teapots, pressed glass creamers, and then . . .






6 comments on “#11 tea cups

  1. Hi,Msiskirt, WordPress has sent me one of those notices saying you like my blog and find it awesome. I suspect that they just do some some of word matching thing but since my blog is about collecting, in this case I think they are right that we might enjoy each others blogs. I am certainly enjoying yours Here is my address http://collectionsandotherstuffilike.wordpress.com/ in case you would really like to check it out! Thanks, Margery

    • msiskirt
      January 11, 2013

      Thanks! Yes I liked your Musings #4 post. Welcome to ikeepthis

  2. Winter Owls
    January 12, 2013

    Hello fellow collector! You have a lovely collection here and I love the way you described how it first started.

    • msiskirt
      January 12, 2013

      Thank you! It’s nice to connect with another collector in the Blogoshere!
      By the way, your love of Owls helped me decide on the subject of my next post.

      • Thanks, I am so glad you are following me too now. Your mention of my owls reminded me that I had snapped a cool picture of some owls made by kindergartners which became my next post.

      • Sorry I am just getting the hang of the commenting, I realized I answered a comment that was meant for Winter Owls. I knew you had started following me and I had some owl posts too!

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